2016 Nobel Peace Prize acknowledges Colombians’ aspiration for peace

VOV.VN - Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has become this year Nobel Laureate for Peace in recognition of his tireless effort to end the half a century long civil war in Columbia.

2016 nobel peace prize acknowledges colombians’ aspiration for peace hinh 0

The Nobel Prize has been a source of inspiration for peace in the wake of unstable future for the fragile peace deal between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as FARC.

President Santos is the 15th head of state bestowed with the Nobel Prize while in power and the 2nd Colombian Nobel Laureate.

He championed 376 candidates, including 228 individuals and 148 groups to become the Nobel Prize for Peace’s winner. 

The 65 year old President originated from a wealthy influential family and was the former Minister of Foreign Trade and Defense before elected as the President in 2010. 

Before the historical peace deal was signed on August 26, Mr Santos’ government and the FARC forces went through 4 years of negotiations.

The Nobel Prize was in recognition of the Colombian people’s aspiration for peace and aimed to inspire their dream for peace, reconciliation and justice.

It consolidated hopes for peace, which in turns, help Colombia to tackle challenges including poverty, inequality and drug related crimes. 

President Santos claimed his efforts were on behalf of all Colombian people and millions of victims during the 50 years of conflicts. 

He also pledged his utmost to serve for peace until the end of his term of office.

Despite the positive news, the Nobel Peace Prize came without consensus among the Colombians as they narrowly rejected the peace deal in a referendum on October 2. 

However, the prize still produces significant driving force for the peace process in Colombia. 

A ceasefire between the government and FARC rebels due to end by the end of this month will require the government to set up a 3-member committee to resume peace talk with FARC group. 

As a result, they are expected to clinch a final deal for everlasting peace in Colombia. 


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