Ca Mau: 30,000 ha of forest on high fire alert

Prolonged intense heat waves have led to droughts and high risks of fire in the U Minh Ha cajuput forest, said the Forest Management Department in the southernmost province of Ca Mau.

According to the department, 19,000 of nearly 38,500 hectares of cajuput forest are facing extremely high fire risk, while prolonged dry weather will diminish the supply of water available for fire fighters to extinguish blazes.

To cope with the situation, the provincial People’s Committee has requested the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development cooperate with authorised bodies and local governments to encourage local households to protect forests and prevent fire during the drought season. 

Ca Mau has also implemented a number of precautionary programmes, including around-the-clock patrols, fire drills, and logistics planning. 

The local U Minh Ha cajuput forest covers 75,000 hectares, including a valuable 8,000-hectare primeval forest within the Vo Doi national forest.