Motorbike market gears up with new technologies

Having expanded by 13 times in the last 20 years, the domestic motorbike market remains hot with new models equipped with the most advanced technologies launched every year.

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Honda Vietnam in early October marketed Honda PCX Hybrid, with advanced technology. 

The product is equipped with gasoline engine with a capacity of 150cc that provides power and a motor that acts as supporting power.

The combination brings two outstanding features: higher performance and lower fuel consumption (lower by 2% compared with the previous-generation version).

Prior to that, in September, Honda Vietnam equipped Vision with Smart Key system after it integrated the system into SH, SH Mode and Air Blade models. 

 Smart Key allows users to turn on/off with wireless connection and find their cars in parking lots more easily. Traditional lock and key have been replaced with a rotary knob and a compact FOB control unit.

 Piaggio Vietnam also pioneered in the technology race when launching models priced at up to hundreds of million of dong. 

 Its Vespa Sei Giorni model is equipped with technology which connects a smartphone with the scooter. The software installed on smartphone shows details about the status of engine, torque, acceleration capability, average velocity, average fuel consumption, positioning (GPS) and battery level.

 The two models introduced in early 2018, Vespa Sprint and Medley ABS 2018, are equipped with automotive technologies such as electronic fuel injection engines, ABS brakes, anti-theft magnetic locking system, and additional safety features.

 The technology race began when Piaggio Vietnam marketed the next-generation Liberty in late 2015. With a new design, the scooter model also has an ABS brake. ABS was later used for other models, including Medley, Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint.

 Honda, of Japan, introduced ABS brake system when it launched SH model. The system has been integrated in recently marketed models.

 In general, ABS brakes, which previously were installed on cars and high-cylinder capacity motorbikes only, has been used by large manufacturers for popular models as well.

 Newly introduced models also utilize LED technology which make bulbs more durable and consume less fuel.

 Idling Stop, Smart Key, ABS brake and electronic petrol injection have become more popular as the technologies have been used on nearly all motorbike models.

 High technologies allow automobile manufacturers to boost sales. According to Honda Motor, in 2017, it sold 19.6 million products, an increase of 10% compared with 2016 thanks to the growth of the Indian, Thai and Vietnamese markets.


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