World Cup Fever! Who do Hanoians want to win?

VOV.VN - With the World Cup final only one day away, we decided to investigate how residents of Hanoi were feeling about the game. France, who beat Belgium 1-0 on July 11 night will play Croatia, who knocked out England in a close fought 2-1 victory on July 12. Who do you want to win, and why?

world cup fever! who do hanoians want to win? hinh 0
In order to ascertain public opinion, we took to the streets to ask local Hanoians to share their views on this momentous sporting occasion that happens only once every four years. Here is what we learned:

The majority are in favour of France winning, with around 80% of people that were asked wanting Didier Deschamps’s team to take home the World Cup. Several people cited their support as stemming from the fact that they speak a little French, and so felt more tied to them than the Croatians.

Others said that France was a much more skilled team, referencing preferring their exciting play style over Croatia’s more sedated one, who got to the final through extra-time and penalties. One individual specifically mentioned a love for French superstar and youngster Kylian Mbappé, who provides “excitement every time he gets the ball.”

Despite a lot of people showing indifference as to the winner, only one individual declared outright that he was rooting for Croatia, with France clearly taking home the major part of Hanoi’s support. Allez les Bleus!


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