Vietnamese community in Philippines welcomes the Hague tribunal's ruling

This shows that "the rule of law always prevails over aggression, justice always prevails over coercion and intimidation,” they said in a statement on July 12.

vietnamese community in philippines welcomes the hague tribunal's ruling hinh 0

The overseas Vietnamese community in the Philippines has welcomed the decision by the International Court of Arbitration and congratulated the Philippines, while asking China to respect and abide by the tribunal's decision.

The community held a press briefing in the Philippines on July 12 which was attended by nine political, social and religious organizations along with reporters from more than 30 local and foreign media outlets.

The ruling on the case creates a legal basis for narrowing the scope of the dispute, promoting peaceful settlement of disputes in the South China Sea (Vietnam’s East Sea), averting one country’s efforts to recourse through sheer force of arms and the use of state bribery and intimidation, the statement said.

The Vietnamese community believes that the ruling is impartial, objective and may open up opportunities for other countries with territorial disputes with China to follow in order to reduce tensions in the waters.

“China’s attempt to bypass and ignore international law will have to bear all consequences and finally be stopped,” the statement said, urging China, a member of the UNCLOS-1982, to respect and abide by the tribunal's decision.

The community also called on ASEAN to raise a common voice in support of the tribunal’s ruling.


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