Drastic measures in place to prevent further spread of measles in Hanoi

VOV.VN - The Hanoi Health Department has requested that health workers at grassroots levels strictly monitor the vaccination history of children in the city in order to devise vaccination plans in line with current regulations.

drastic measures in place to prevent further spread of measles in hanoi  hinh 0
According to the Hanoi Centre for Disease Control, Hanoi has recorded 1,105 cases of measles since the beginning of the year in 30 districts and towns with 363 out of 584 communes and wards reporting no outbreaks of measles. Currently, there is yet to be a death from the disease in the capital city

To prevent the number of measle cases increasing, Hanoi’s Health Department has requested that the People’s Committee in the districts of Hoang Mai, Thanh Xuan, Nam Tu Liem, Ha Dong, Dong Da, Ba Dinh, Thanh Tri, Long Bien, Dong Anh, and Hai Ba Trung strengthen the preventive measures in place to guard against the disease. These districts have recorded the highest number of measle cases since the start of the year.

There were further warnings to parents urging them to get vaccinations for their children in a bid to prevent the spread of the disease at schools.

In addition, media agencies within these localities have been urged to raise public awareness about personal hygiene and preventative measures as well as providing sufficient nutrition with vitamins and minerals. Moreover, residents should seek out their nearest medical station if they discover symptoms of measles in order to prevent further spreading.

Ngo Van Quy, Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee, had previously requested that the Hanoi Centre for Disease Control speed up vaccinations for unvaccinated children in areas across the city. 


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