Vietnamese lychees hit Thai supermarket shelves

VOV.VN - Lychees from Luc Ngan district are on the shelves of Central Group’s business units Tops and Central Food Hall supermarkets in Bangkok, according to the Bac Giang provincial Department of Industry and Trade.

vietnamese lychees hit thai supermarket shelves hinh 0
Jariya Chirathivat, representative of Central Group in Vietnam, said Luc Ngan lychees are sold at Tops and Central Food Hall supermarkets.

The price of lychees this year is quite high compared to that in previous years, however, Central Group Vietnam and Big C Vietnam have successfully cooperated with Central Food Retail to send Vietnamese lychees to Thai customers.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, fruit and vegetable imports jumped more than 87% to US$655 million in the first half of this year, of which fruit imports were US$507 million.

Thailand has surpassed China to become the leading supplier of fruits to Vietnam. Vietnam spent more than US$376 million importing Thai fruits during the first half of this year. In this setting, the successful shipment of Vietnamese lychees to Thailand opens a good opportunity for lychee growers and lays a foundation for other local fruits to enter the market.

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