Vsmart officially distributed in Spain market

VOV.VN - VinSmart Company (of Vingroup) officially announced the distribution of Vsmart smartphone models in the Spanish market through the number one European consumer electronics retailer - Media Markt.

Determined to bring Vietnamese technology products to conquer the fastidious European market and continue to affirmed the desire to build a famous Vietnamese brand, reaching international reach of Vingroup.

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Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Phuong, Deputy General Director of Maketing, Vsmart Company

The above information was announced by VinSmart company at the press conference Launching Vsmart brand and product in Spain.

Accordingly, Vsmart products will be distributed through nearly 90 stores of Media Markt company - consumer electronics retailer with more than 35 years of experience and present in 13 countries around the world.

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Spanish reporters show their keen interest in Vietnamese products
4 models of Vsmart smartphones distributed in the Spanish market are Joy1, Joy1 +, Active1 and Active1 +. In it, Active 1+ and Joy 1+ will launching consumers in the first stage, followed by Active 1 and Joy 1.
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Active 1+ is the most advanced model of Vsmart at the present time, with 3 colors: emerald green, black and rose gold. Active 1+ has metal frame, glass back and rabbit ears screen, equipped with SnapDragon 660 chip, 6GB RAM. The camera has a selfie camera and dual-screen camera that eliminates the font so it achieves high image quality even in low light conditions. Glass screen is the highlight of the design of Active 1+. It has high bearing capacity, perfect design curve and completed very firmly.
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Joy 1+ is designed with fake plastic glass, rabbit ear screen, Snapdragon 430, 3GB RAM. In particular, Joy 1+ has 4000mAh battery capacity - the model has the longest battery in the series. Joy1 + has 2 colors of cobalt blue, black.

Before going into mass production, Vsmart products had to pass nearly 2,500 standard tests (including hardware tests, mechanical tests and software tests) at BQ's laboratory (Spain) and Vsmart factory. In addition, Vsmart is tested in the laboratories of Qualcomm, the best supplier of semiconductor chip in the world today.

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The entire equipment and machinery of Vsmart is the most advanced, including 03 fully automatic parts welding lines, using the latest technology of the US, Germany and Singapore; 03 circuit test lines with measuring devices of Rohde&Schwarz (Germany); Qualcomm (USA) software and 06 finished product assembly lines. All of them meet the highest standards in industrial production of the world.
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Overview of the press conference
By owning thousands of engineers in Spain and Vietnam, Vsmart is one of the few manufacturers controlling all stages from design, development and production of equipment. We are currently working on setting up 6 overseas laboratories including the US, Korea, Japan, China, Israel and Singapore to study new technologies use for smart electronic devices.

Speaking at the event, Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Phuong (Deputy General Director of Maketing, Vsmart Company) said “Spain is an extremely important market for Vsmart, the first foreign market Vsmart set foot on come, through a combination with BQ - Spain's leading technology company that Vsmart currently owns 51% of the shares. Spain will also be Vsmart's gateway to European market”.

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Spanish reporters discuss before the press conference
With the vision of European standards for quality and security, after mobile phones, in the future, Vsmart factory will produce smart electronic products, Internet of Things (IoT) like SmartHome, SmartTV. ... VinSmart Company also approached firms providing domestic and international chipsets, components and accessories to directly own the supply chain and control the production quality of smart electronic devices before making market.

VinSmart is a member company of Vingroup - One of Asia's largest multidisciplinary private economic groups with a market capitalization of nearly 16 billion US dollars. The Group operates in core business areas, including: Real Estate, Tourism - Resort, Retail, Health, Education, Agriculture and Industry. VinSmart Company was established in 6/2018, with the goal of producing Vietnamese brand smart phones of international standards and managed and operated in accordance with revolutionary technology orientation 4.0.

VinSmart expects Vsmart smart phone products to initiate the development of ecosystem of electronic products, smart technology to apply AI artificial intelligence, contribute to bringing a convenient and modern life people. This is also an expression of Vingroup's strong determination in building sustainable foundation for society, contributing to making Vietnam continue to rise in the global value chain.



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