Petrol prices drop sharply from December 6

The price of E5 bio-petrol has dropped by VND1,446 per litre, while that of RON95 fell VND1,513 per litre following an announcement of petrol price adjustments released by the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Industry and Trade on December 6.

petrol prices drop sharply from december 6 hinh 0

The price of diesel 0.05S decreased by VND1,379 per litre, while a sharp downturn of VND990 per litre was seen in the price of kerosene and VND784 per kilo in 180SCT 3.5S oil fuel.

Following the adjustment, E5 petrol is no more than VND17,181 per litre, while that of RON95 is no higher than VND18,459 per litre. The ceiling price of diesel 0.05S is VND16,258 per litre, while that of kerosene and 180SCT 3.5S fuel oil not more than VND15,252 per litre and VND14,402 per kilo, respectively.

This is the third consecutive time that petrol prices have been reduced with a total drop of about VND3,400 per litre. Compared to the price at the beginning of the year, the current value is VND1,400 lower.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, during the 15 days prior to December 6, world prices of RON92 and RON95 petrol fell US$8 per barrel compared to the previous period.

Retailers were asked to apply the new prices no later than 3pm on December 6.


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