Exhibition on memories of street vendors’ calls to be held in Hanoi

An exhibition of street vendors in Hanoi in the 1920s will be held in the French Cultural Center, L'Espace in Hanoi on September 13-October 31.

exhibition on memories of street vendors’ calls to be held in hanoi hinh 0
A vendor fills the baskets with goods.
Exhibits are sketches, drawings and watercolor paintings created by fifteen students from Indochina College of Fine Arts (now Vietnam University of Fine Arts) and their teacher, Ferdinand de Fénis in 1925-1929.
They skillfully sketched the small world of street vendors who criss-crossed through small streets of Hanoi, beginning their day from dawn, with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, sweets and dishes.
The distinctive call of the street vendor is a signature sound that gives people great memories of street foods in the old days. Vendors deliver their messages using their own voice which is regarded as the most effective means of advertising.
Nowadays, their cries are recorded on a tape and played with a loudspeaker. This is very cost effective
The combination of photos, sound effects and graceful drawings filled viewers with nostalgia from the 20s.
The display is co-organized by L'Espace and the École francaise d’Extrême-Orient (EFEO).

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