24 prehistoric artifacts detected in Gia Lai

(VOV) - After over two months of intensive work, experts from the Vietnam Institute of Archaeology (VIA) and the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences have unearthed 24 prehistoric archaeological relics.

According to Ass. Prof. Dr Nguyen Khac Su, a senior VIA researcher, the findings open up prospects for further research and international excavation cooperation in the time ahead.

Over the past two months, the group carried out surveys in Gia Lai’s different areas, discovering relics of different historical periods such as stone tools,  hand shaped axes and knives, which pre-date those from the old stone age of tens of thousands of years ago.

In particular, the survey team found many relics belonging to the late Neolithic period dating back 3,000-4,000 years.

24 prehistoric artifacts detected in gia lai hinh 0

In some eastern districts of Gia Lai, the team, also discovered traces of the metal era such as stone hoe blades, copper ax molds, and iron furnaces along the banks of the Ba River. This evidence show that the eastern areas of Gia Lai entered the metal era from early AD.

Dr. Nguyen Gia Doi, VIA Deputy Director said, “Competent agencies should intensify the protection of the newly-discovered artifacts which are in danger of being destroyed. It is essential to conduct systematic research on these artifacts to clarify their outstanding historical values.”