Vietnamese cuiests to compete in world champs

Five top Vietnamese cuiests will compete in the Three Cushion World Championship to be held in Santa Cruz, Bolivia on November 8.

vietnamese cuiests to compete in world champs hinh 0

Ngo Dinh Nai, Duong Anh Vu, Nguyen Quoc Nguyen, Tran Quyet Chien and Ma Minh Cam will compete alongside other 43 players from countries including Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France and Argentina.

The 48 participants are divided into 16 groups of three, from which 16 winners and 16 runners-up advance to the knockout stage after the preliminary rounds.

According to the draw, Nại is in Group H alongside Jeremy Bury of France and Seo Hyung Min of the Republic of Korea (ROK). Vu will be in Group L with Heo Jung Han of the ROK and Emilio Sciacca of Italy.

Vietnamese Nguyen, Pedro Piedrabuena of the US and Juan Carlos Cartagena of Bolivia are in Group M, while Chien and Cam are in Group N with Javier Vera of Mexico.

The overall winner will pocket US$11,600.

The tournament will run until November 12.


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