Huynh Nhu contributes to AFC #BreakTheChain campaign

VOV.VN - Huynh Nhu, captain of the Vietnamese women’s national football team, has participated in the #BreakTheChain campaign following its launch by the Asian Football Federation (AFC) as a means of raising awareness of the importance of community participation in the fight against COVID-19 epidemic

During a short clip produced by the AFC and released on April 21, Huynh Nhu states that the COVID-19 epidemic has had a huge impact on the daily lives of all people, therefore there is an urgent need for people to be responsible and support their heroes as they work tirelessly on the frontline against the COVID-19.

The Vietnamese captain then calls on everyone to take part in the fight by maintaining social distancing and washing their hands frequently.

Nhu concludes by saying, “Each of us is a soldier in the war against the disease.”

Currently starring for Ho Chi Minh City FC, Nhu is one of three Asian football stars who have been selected to promote the #BreakTheChain campaign, alongside Elias Dolah of Thailand and Zhang Xizhe of China.

The move to include several women footballers in the campaign comes after four male Vietnamese footballers had participated in #BreakTheChain, including Quang Hai and Hung Dung of Hanoi FC, Cong Phuong of Ho Chi Minh City FC, and Duc Chinh of SHB Danang FC.

At present, over 100 well-known figures of Asian football have contributed to the #BreakTheChain campaign, with the goal of spreading a message of solidarity amid these challenging times.

In addition, it is hoped that the drive will serve to promote guidelines put in place by the World Health Organization, particularly #StayAtHome, practicing good personal hygiene, carrying on social distancing, as well as respecting the rules of self-quarantine.

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