Tuyen Quang fulfills afforestation plan for whole year

The northern province of Tuyen Quang has planted 12,323 hectares of forest, exceeding its 2017 plan by nearly 1,200 hectares, raising forest coverage to 60%, one of the highest rates in the country.

tuyen quang fulfills afforestation plan for whole year hinh 0

With the result, Tuyen Quang has completed its yearly forest planting plan two months ahead of schedule.

Along with directing forestry plantations and nurseries to prepare saplings to ensure supply ahead of the tree planting season, the province has also zoned 209,400 hectares for growing material trees for local wood processing and paper factories.

At the same time, Tuyen Quang has mobilised financial resources from different economic sectors for developing production forest in parallel with preserving protection forest to prevent flood.

The province has also encourage locals to engage in afforestation, while granting forest use rights for 50 years to households and providing them with tree saplings for planting.

Tuyen Quang currently has nearly 435,000 hectares of forest land, accounting for 76% of its total natural land. According to the province’s forest planning, special-use forests will cover 47,000 hectares, protection forests - 212,6000 hectares and production forests - over 266,422 hectares.

In recent years, forest has played an important role in the locality’s poverty reduction as well as disaster prevention.

In 2017, Tuyen Quang plans to exploit over 9,750 hectares of planted forest for 844,000 cubic metres of wood.


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