Three foreigners arrested over credit card fraud

(VOV) - Spanish police have recently arrested three Bulgarian nationals for forging credit cards to withdraw approximately 40,000 Euros from ATMs in Vietnam and hacking data from 300 credit cards at ATMs in Pamplona.

More than 40 cardholders discovered their money had been withdrawn during June-August period although they were not present in Vietnam at that time.

At the hideout, police seized a luxury car, seven small cameras, a list of all credit card owners, different ATM spare parts, two laptops, materials for producing device and memory cards and ten hard disk drives.

Police found that they installed small cameras to secretly film credit data at ATMs in Pamplona. After stealing the PIN numbers of card information, they would transfer the information to their accomplices in Vietnam to make counterfeit cards.

Two members of this ring are believed to have come back Bulgaria to buy equipment for making fake cards. This criminal group is destined to expand its activities in Barcelona, Navarre, Aragon and Catalonia, then move to Germany for continued operations.