Japan pledges more support to Vietnam’s climate change response

VOV.VN - Japanese Minister of State Katsuro Nagai has pledged more support for Vietnam’s climate change response efforts.

At a recent workshop on children’s rights to protection and skills training to cope with climate change, the Minister praised Vietnam’s climate change resilience following El Nino in 2014.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Hoang Van Thang said climate change had caused thousands of Vietnamese children to suffer from malnutrition and lack of hygienic facilities. 

He said recent salt intrusions made women and children more vulnerable and they need more humanitarian aids.

"Natural calamities threaten children and the nation’s prospects. Children should not be inactive in climate change but be equipped with skills to cope with it. Better care mechanisms and communications for kids are required with best practices being introduced to mitigate the impact of climate change where children are placed at the center," he added.