Health Ministry warns risk of A/H5N8 virus spread

The Ministry of Health recommends the public to strictly follow precautionary measures in order to prevent the A/H5N8 bird flu strain, which currently occurs in poultry in several European and Asian countries, from infecting humans.

People are advised not to slaughter or eat ill or died chickens and ducks, and to inform local authorities when detecting abnormally ill or died fowls.

They are also recommended to visit medical stations for checking and treatment if flu symptoms occur after they get in touch with fowls. 

The ministry is coordinating with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and international organisations to keep a close watch on the spread of the A/H5N8 virus in poultry and humans to have timely response measures.

According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, no A/H5N8 case in humans has been recorded in the world so far.

However, the virus led to the destruction of millions of farm birds in Asia, mainly the Republic of Korea, China and Japan, after an outbreak earlier this year.