Education Minister observes online learning at children’s homes

The Minister of Education has visited students at their homes in Nakhon Pathom and Ratchaburi, to observe the actual online learning process. Schools across the country are to reopen on 1st July, except for those in areas with an ongoing viral outbreak where all classes will be moved online, or onto TV.

education minister observes online learning at children’s homes hinh 0
The Minister of Education, Nataphol Teepsuwan has visited Wat Thamma Sala School in Nakhon Pathom, and visited students from Thairath Wittaya 64 School at their homes in Ratchaburi.

The Education Minister engaged in conversation with teachers, parents, and students regarding the distribution of school milk, class assignments and homework, as well as online or TV classes being implemented during COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Nataphol said he has expressed his support for all teachers who have been doing a good job planning education courses during the disruptive time of a public health crisis, as well as setting up a system for students to collect their milk and homework assignments under a disease control protocol from the Ministry of Public Health.

The Ministry of Education and related agencies have put class recordings on air since 18th May, allowing students to learn remotely prior to this year’s delayed school opening. The Ministry of Education is gathering input from all parties to make improvements.

Schools across the country will start the new academic year this year on 1st July. However, schools in areas still battling the COVID-19 outbreak will remain closed, and students will have to join classes online or on TV.


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