Vietnam attracts US$13.7 bil in FDI in ten months

(VOV) - New and additional foreign direct investment (FDI) registered by foreign investors during the first 10 months of the year increased 71.2% on-year to US$13.7 billion, according to the Foreign Investment Agency (FIA).

During the 10 month period, 1.306 investment certificates were issued for new foreign projects capitalised at US$9.95 billion and 469 certificates were issued for supplementary capital of US$3.74 billion.

The manufacturing and processing sector leads in attracting foreign investment with 636 newly licensed projects capitalised at US$9.7 billion, followed by the real estate and construction sector.

The Republic of Korea remained the leading foreign investor, followed by Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

The FIA estimates foreign invested enterprises disbursed US$10.15 billion during the 10-month period, which represents a 5.9% on-year increase.

Exports of foreign invested enterprises (including crude oil) were US$82.48 billion, up 13.6% on-year, comprising 67% of total exports, while their imports hit US$68.66 billion, up 10.7% on-year, making up 57% of total import value.

The trade surplus for foreign invested enterprises collectively was estimated at US$13.8 billon for the ten month period.