New prices announced for coal-fired power generation

VOV.VN - The prices for electricity generation in coal-fired power plants are set to range between VND1,677.02 and 1,896.05 per kWh during 2019, not including some tax obligations and costs, according to a ministry decision.

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Source: The Ministry of Industry and Trade. reported that the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has recently issued Decision No. 281 which prescribes the prices for power generation prices in 2019. These are used to negotiate power purchase agreements between the state-run group Vietnam Electricity and power generation entities.

Accordingly, the ceiling generation price for thermal power plants fueled by imported coal and designed with a net capacity of 1x600 MW is at VND1,896.05 per kWh. Meanwhile, the price for standard coal-fired power plants with a net capacity of 2x600 MW stands at VND1,677.02 per kWh.

The 2019 power generation prices have been calculated on the basis of net fuel consumption rates of 0.478 kg per kWh applied to the net capacity of 1x600 MW and 0.474 kg per kWh for the capacity of 2x600 MW.

Other indicators include the higher heating value (HHV) of 4.797 kcal/kg, the price of imported coal, which stands at VND1,737,978 per ton, and the reference exchange rate of VND23,350 per USD.

Last year, the electricity generation prices fixed for coal-fueled power plants reportedly fell in the scope from VND1,597.22 to 1,600.04 per kWh while the price for hydropower plants was VND1,090 per kWh.

The MoIT decision took effect on February 12, 2019.


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