BPhone 3 – the smartphone model made in Vietnam

Contrary to all predictions, BPhone 3, or the third generation of BPhone, a made-in-Vietnam product of BKAV Corporation, has been praised by domestic experts, who criticized BPhone and BPhone 2.

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“With infinity screen, bokeh camera to blur background, water resistance and reasonable price, BPhone 3 is really impressive,” GenK, a technology website commented.

“With BPhone 3, Vietnamese finally have something to be proud of”, another article said.

Unlike its predecessor BPhone launched in 2015 and BPhone 2 in 2017, BPhone 3 has received compliments since it was officially introduced in early October. On technology fans’ forums, members commented that BPhone 3 can compete with other rivals in the same segment.

While BPhone and BPhone 2 were described as having beautiful design but having no special features, BPhone 3 has original features.

About the design, GenK reported that BPhone 3 has a very thin lower screen border, thinner than all other products of the same segment. 

The upper border is a bit thick, creating a feeling of disproportion. However, due to the limitations of LCD technology, this is something expected.

 “There is nothing to complain about,” GenK reported. 

 Regarding the ‘power’ of BPhone 3, the product is equipped with Snapdragon 636, RAM 3GB and 32GB interior memory. The configuration of BPhone 3 is not the most powerful, especially in RAM capacity and interior memory. However, it is strong enough to serve most users’ needs.

 The special thing of BPhone 3 is that it doesn’t have a dual camera like other smartphones. The product only has a single camera, but the AI camera blurs backgrounds thanks to Google’s algorithm, called ‘BKAV Natural Bokeh’.

 The water resistance is at the depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. Most other rivals don’t have the feature.

 Having strong points, BPhone 3 has reasonable prices starting from VND6.99 million for the version with Snapdragon 636 RAM 3GB, 32GB interior memory. 

 Meanwhile, BPhone 3 Pro version with Snapdragon 660, RAM 4GB, and 64GB interior memory has the retail price of VND9.99 million.

 Unlike BPhone 2, BPhone 3 which runs BOS3, won’t be distributed through The Gioi Di Dong, the largest smartphone distribution chain in Vietnam.

 BPhone 2, priced at nearly VND10 million, has been no longer available at The Gioi Di Dong (Mobile World) since June. The retail chain with 30% of market share stopped selling BPhone  just 10 months after the model hit the shelves there.


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