Vietnamese version of “Cities for People” book debuts in Vietnam

VOV.VN - The Danish Embassy in Vietnam, Ashui Vietnam Corporation, and other partners have jointly launched the Vietnamese version of “Cities for People” at AGOhub - a leading space in connecting the architecture-construction and art industry in Vietnam.

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At the book launching ceremony.
The work, written by world-renowned Danish architect Jan Gehl, is translated into Vietnamese by the architecture news-hub Ashui.

This is one of Jan Gehl’s latest publications and it has been translated into 34 languages.

Over the course of nine years, “Cities for People” has been decorated with various international awards, such as the 2011 Environmental Design Research Association, Planetizen. The book also topped Brent Toderian’s 100 Best Books on City-Making 2013.

Thought provoking and holding a mirror up to modern societies, “Cities for People” seeks to address the question of what cities are for, if not for people.

Taking into account changing demographics and lifestyles, the author looks into how to develop cities that are lively, safe, sustainable and healthy.

In other words, the publication covers a detailed analysis of public spaces and their social dimension.

It comes as no surprise that the places Gehl deems essential to a successful city are those designed with good room for safe walking and biking leading to a less sedentary life “behind steering wheels and computer screens”.

Promoting such interesting architectural philosophy as “a good city is like a good party: guests stay because they are enjoying themselves”, the book is a page-turner not only for professionals involved in sustainable urban development, but also for those without a professional interest in architecture.

Although written in the format of a light textbook, the work is extensively illustrated with over 700 photos and drawings showing examples from Gehl’s work around the globe. Readers are encouraged to pause to think about their own city spaces and their own experiences.

The book is the celebrated Danish architecture’s strong assertion that thoughtful design can improve city spaces in a way that increases the quality of life for the humans who work and live there.

The Vietnamese version of “Cities for People” is the 33rd foreign language version of this book. Actually, in just nine years it has been published in nearly all corners old the globe, Gehl said.

“I donate the book for free translation (no royalties) into other languages, including Vietnamese as I wish that my research could be helpful to people all over the world. I fell it natural to give it to people in other countries who may use this book to create better cities for their people.”

Addressing the launching workshop held in Hanoi on March 20, Louise Holmsgaard, Deputy Head of the Danish Embassy said that redefining what it means to create a vibrant city, “Cities for People” gives us a perspective on how people-friendly cities could work and look.

“By translating the book into Vietnamese, we hope it will make its way into the urban planning and design curriculum as well as inspire those responsible for urban and transport planning policies in Vietnam. Additionally, we hope that the Danish people-centric and green-town planning would be helpful for Vietnam,” Holmsgaard said.

Hong Quang

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