Hay Hay – an ideal place for art lovers in Hoi An

(VOV) - Hoi An’s first Art Collective opens up in the UNESCO-recognised ancient town, with plans to promote and nurture Vietnam’s creative, unsung artists.

Directly in front of Hoi An’s iconic Japanese Bridge sits a colourful new shop front called Hay Hay. Grabbing the attention of both international and domestic tourists, this art collective seeks out the country’s most talented, unrecognised artists, and helps market their beautiful works on a global level.

From wall canvases and stationary to block prints and home wares, each artist’s design is placed on a specialized product, helping to exhibit and sell their creations to everyone passing through.

"Vietnamese artists are extremely talented and creative, but many of them don't know how to properly market themselves... that's where Hay Hay comes in," says shop manager Ha.

hay hay – an ideal place for art lovers in hoi an hinh 0

Hay Hay’s unique approach combines Vietnam-inspired pieces of art with reasonable prices, so everyone can afford to enjoy the artists’ works. Using only Vietnam-based companies and products, their Vietnam theme runs all the way to the roots.

With 7 artists already featured and a handful more coming within the following months, Hay Hay is slowly but surely accomplishing their goal. Artists from Hue, Danang, Ho Chi Minh City and Hoi An are featured within the quaint shop front, with depictions of Vietnamese life, culture and heritage illustrating the chalky mint walls.

Working on a commission-based agreement, each time a specific artist’s work is purchased, they receive a generous portion of the sales. This not only helps the artists make a living off their passion, but also encourages them to produce more, create more and fully live out their dreams.

hay hay – an ideal place for art lovers in hoi an hinh 1

From traditional to contemporary designs, Hay Hay is rearing the next generation of Vietnam’s creative minds, one contract at a time. Check out these unique & creative works the next time you visit Hoi An at Hay Hay’s shop front at 155 Tran Phu Street.

For the promising artists who are looking to share their works with the world, Hay Hay is always looking for fresh, new designs! You can visit their website www.hayhayhoian.com and contact them for more information.

Daniel Robbins/VOV.VN