Vietnam listed among top 10 cheapest countries for taxi fares

Vietnam ranks among countries for the cheapest taxi fares with just US$2.8 for a five-kilometer journey.

vietnam listed among top 10 cheapest countries for taxi fares hinh 0
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Vietnam is one of the 10 countries with the cheapest taxi fares, just US$2.8 for a 5km cab ride, according to a recent report from Taxi2airport, the global cab-hailing system.

Five-kilometer journey is the distance Taxi2Airport chose to survey because it is averagely suitable for hailing a taxi, especially if passengers go with luggage or kids.

Of the top cheapest taxi fare countries, the one in Vietnam is the most expensive, after Turkey (US$2.5), China (US$2.7) and Argentina (US$2.73).

 The country with the cheapest taxi fares in the world is Egypt, only around US$0.9 for a 5km ride, followed by India (US$1.4), Thailand (US$1.6) and Indonesia (US$1.9) in Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, taxi passenger can catch one in Malaysia and Mexico with prices of US$1.9 and US$2, respectively.

 At the other end of the spectrum, taxi fares for a 5km journey are far more expensive in Japan, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Britain, France and Sweden with the fares ranging from US$11 to US$17.5.

 The report showed that subway train systems, as well as other means of public transport, are preferred choices for visitors to Japan and European countries.

 Additionally, Taxi2Airport also proposed some tips to save money for taxi-hailing including asking the drivers in advance about the fares before riding a taxi with no meters; asking friendly locals for prices and using public transports, among others.