UK media outlet left impressed with resumption of football in Vietnam

VOV.VN - The Daily Mail news publication of the UK has published an article highlighting the return of domestic Vietnamese football with the title, “That’s not social distancing! Fans flock back into stadiums as football resumes in Vietnam... With one ground almost at 30,000 capacity”.

uk media outlet left impressed with resumption of football in vietnam hinh 0
A photo shows local football fans sitting shoulder-to-shoulder amid bustling stands during the return of V. League 1 matches.

This follows the return of the third round of fixtures in the V.League 1 on June 5 with a game between Nam Dinh and Viettel FC. Just like matches in the National Cup played a few days previously, there was a high turnout among fans.

The high attendances served to create an energetic atmosphere in the stadiums, drawing envious glances from many football fans around the world, including those from the UK.

The Daily Mail wrote, “The country has pursued a return to normalcy after effectively dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and supporters were able to attend fixtures without social distancing measures in place. There were also no restrictions on crowd sizes - with almost 30,000 attendees watching Nam Dinh's home defeat against Viettel.”

The article goes on to note some of the detailed measures put in place to prevent the potential spread of the virus at football games, “Hand sanitiser was made available for supporters and stewards also carried out temperature checks on those entering the venue. They were asked to wear face masks.”

“The V. League 1’s decision to restart with fans presents a stark contrast to Europe - with LaLiga, the Bundesliga, and the Premier League among those who will complete their remaining matches behind closed doors,” it added. 

The UK-based media outlet concluded by saying, “Vietnam has been lauded for its response to the coronavirus crisis, with the country having implemented mass testing and a successful quarantine programme.”
VOV/ Daily Mail

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