Yen Bai mobilises over 4,000 rescuers to search missing people

The northern mountainous province of Yen Bai has mobilised over 4,000 people, including army soldiers, police, militias and local residents, in search for missing people after a severe flash flood swept through the province on October 11.

yen bai mobilises over 4,000 rescuers to search missing people hinh 0
The historic flood sent massive mudslides into large areas in districts of Tram Tau, Van Chan and Van Yen and Nghia Lo township, causing heavy losses of life and property.

According to the provincial Steering Committee for Disaster Prevention and Search and Rescue, the disaster claimed the lives of 15 people and left 13 others missing and nine injured as of 20:00 on October 15.

Over 1,900 houses have been affected, including 79 collapsing or washed away and more than 1,000 other submerged. It also destroyed over 7,300 metres of dykes, 88 irrigation systems and many road sections while 922 hectares of rice and other crops were damaged. Economic loss in Yen Bai is estimated to exceed VND500 billion (US$22 million).

The rescuers have dug through crushed homes and landslide-hit areas, and searched along streams and rivers in the three districts and township. They have also been helping the local residents cope with flood aftermaths. Dozens of excavators and trucks have been sent to clear landslide debris and fix damage in order to restore traffic.

The province decided to provide households losing a family member with VND10 million in financial aid each. Those having their homes collapsed or washed away receive VND25 million each while those with damaged houses with VND10 million each.

According to Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Do Duc Duy, the province will continue evacuating families at areas prone to landslides and floods to safety.

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