Vietnamese jailed for trafficking woman into China brothel

A court in Hanoi on August 9 sentenced a man to seven years in prison for human trafficking after his victim escaped a brothel in China and reported the case to the police.

Investigators said Tang Dinh Loc, 35, had promised the 38-year-old woman to help her find a job at a shop in Lao Cai Province near China.
After winning her trust, he then brought her to a sex ring organizer in Lao Cai in February 2015 and got paid VND2 million, or less than US$100. 

The woman was then taken across the border and forced to work in a brothel, serving around ten clients each day.

vietnamese jailed for trafficking woman into china brothel hinh 0
Tang Dinh Loc stands trial in Hanoi on August 9 for human trafficking. Photo credit: Tien Phong

The victim managed to escape several days later and received help from Chinese police. She then returned to Vietnam.

Loc was arrested last January.
Human trafficking has been on the rise in Vietnam in recent year with more reports of women and children, almost always from poor areas, being trafficked into slave labor and prostitution in neighboring countries.
A report from the Ministry of Public Security last month showed that nearly 4,500 victims were rescued in the last five years. The number of trafficking cases busted by the police during the period increased nearly 12% from the previous five years to 2,200.

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