Vietnam targets record-high labour exports for 2015

(VOV) - Vietnam has forecast 2015 to be another banner year for the labour export market, forecasting it will send in excess of 105,000 guest workers abroad, roughly the same number as 2014.

Tong Hai Nam, Deputy Head of the Department of Overseas Labour Management (DOLM) said that in spite of all the difficulties the market faced in 2014, the country achieved 120.68% of the plan for the year and sent 105,000 workers abroad.

Last year was the first time the number of guest workers surpassed the 100,000 milestone and we are optimistic that we can maintain at least the same levels in all foreign markets for 2015 and improve in a few.

Key markets where we expect growth include Taiwan and Japan, which we are predicting will increase 29.4% and 96.1% respectively, Nam said.

The Republic of Korea (RoK) has currently suspended Vietnamese guest workers but the impact is inconsequential to the overall picture as only 7,200 workers were sent to the market in 2014.