Vietnam takes action against bird flu

VOV.VN - H5N1 and H5N6 bird flu outbreaks are spreading in Quang Ngai and Bac Lieu province. Tens of thousands of fowls have been culled over the past two weeks. Relevant agencies are taking steps to contain the outbreak.

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Two H5N6 bird flu outbreaks have been reported in Quang Ngai city and Duc Pho district. Poultry farmers in the infected areas have been provided with disinfectant and clear instructions. Relevant agencies in Quang Ngai province have cleaned infected areas.

Bac Lieu province has reported 5 H5N1 bird flu cases and culled 4,500 birds. Local agencies are taking necessary measures to contain the outbreak. 

Lam Chi Trung, Head of the Animal Health Station of Phuoc Long district, Bac Lieu province said “We told farmers how to clean their farms, cull sick birds, and spray disinfectant. We also vaccinated the bird flocks using vaccines provided by the province.”

The Ministry of Health has asked cities and provinces to take necessary disease control measures, strictly deal with illegal cross-border trade of poultry and prevent the trading of poultry without proof of origin. 

The Provincial Departments of Agriculture and Rural Department have been requested to make prompt reports of outbreaks and increase surveillance of birds. In case of contact with sick or dead birds, samples should be collected for testing and isolation and treatment measures need to be applied. 

Mr. Vu Ngoc Long, Head of the Border Disease Control Section of the Preventive Medicine Department of the Ministry of Health said “Don’t eat poultry that are not thoroughly processed. Wash your hands with soap to prevent being infected by sick poultry. Buy only chickens or chicken products with clear proof of origin”.


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