Vietnam Railway launches summer promotional program

Vietnam Railway is offering a discount of 8-20% in July and August to meet the increasing demand on summer.

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Accordingly, a discount of 10% is being applied from July 7-August 12 on trains No.SE21/SE22, NH1/NH2 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; SE26, SQN2, SNT2, SNT4, SNT6 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday; SE25, SQN1, SNT1, SNT5 from Monday to Friday; SPT2 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday; SPT1 from Monday to Saturday; SPT4 on Monday and Sunday; SPT3 on Monday, Friday and Saturday.
The company is also offering 8% off from now until July 31 on trains No.SE17/SE18, QB1/QB2, QB3/QB4; SE20 from Da Nang to Vinh and Dong Hoi to Hanoi; SE19 between Hanoi and Thanh Hoa, Vinh and Da Nang.
In addition, the discount of 8% can be also used on trains No.SE17, QB1, QB3 on Thursday; SE19 on Hanoi-Thanh Hoa and Vinh-Da Nang routes on Thursday from August 1-15.
Passengers could save up to 13% in purchasing tickets on trains No. SE17, QB1, QB3, SE19, SE20 on some routes from August 1-18.
Groups of passengers who have a same trip will receive a 3-8% discount off from now until August 12.
Vietnam Railway has also launched a promotional program offering a discount up to 20% off to travel businesses as well as giving a 10% discount off to students and their relatives who take part in the upcoming university entrance exam.

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