Vietnam, Laos continue to promote special relationship

VOV.VN - As celebrations are underway to mark the 43rd anniversary of Lao National Day on December 2, Vietnam and Laos have renewed efforts to forge their special relationship.

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 A Vietnam-Laos friendship performance (Photo: VNA)

Over the past 43 years, the Vietnam-Laos loyal solidarity and comprehensive cooperation nurtured by generations of leaders has become an invaluable asset of both nations and a decisive factor in their successful revolutions.

Precious friendship

In today’s modern world, there hasn’t been any bonding as special as the Vietnam-Laos friendship. The two Parties, governments, and peoples have stood side by side in their struggles for national independence.

Laos spared a piece of their land for Vietnam to build the Ho Chi Minh trail along the Truong Son range, paving the way for Vietnam’s reunification in 1975 and the establishment of the Laos People’s Democratic Republic the same year. The historic victory was proof of the special and pure loyalty between the two nations.

Vietnamese Party General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong said, “We can be proud of the establishment and development of the special and rare relationship between Vietnam and Laos. It reflects the two people’s ardent desire to stay united to fight their common enemies and build a relationship of equality, self-reliance, friendship, and win-win cooperation. These are the comprehensive, sustainable, and overarching ties which have stood the test of time.”

Inheriting such a precious legacy, Vietnam and Laos are now helping each other in national construction and defense. Vietnam has created favorable conditions for Laos to invest in the Vung Ang port in the central province of Ha Tinh.

Former Deputy Foreign Minister Dang Dinh Quy said, “Laos, a landlocked country, needs a route to the sea and the shortest way goes through Vietnam. Vietnam has created a path for Laos to reach out to the sea, facilitating joint development.”  

Relationship development  

After Vietnam and Laos signed their Amity and Cooperation Treaty in 1977, they embarked on a renewal process to weather the impacts of global and regional complexity and uncertainty.

Currently, the two countries are promoting their special relationship by increasing delegation exchanges and educating people about the past glories, which will forever be with Vietnam and Laos on the path of national development. 


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