Universal Declaration of Human Rights under discussion

VOV.VN - A seminar entitled “Universal Declaration of Human Rights: values and significance to Vietnam” took place in Hanoi on December 14, giving an in-depth analysis of Vietnam’s achievements in human rights protection and human development over more than 30 years of carrying out the Doi Moi (Renewal) process.

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(Photo: nguoibaovequyenloi.com)
In his remarks, Associate Professor Dr. Le Quoc Ly, Vice President of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics, asked participants to clarify the historical values of the declaration for Vietnam, especially in realizing goals of inclusive and sustainable development , for the people, putting people at the center, and people participating and enjoying benefits.  

The country has stepped communications to raise the public awareness, especially young people about human rights, he said, adding that the Ho Chi Minh National  Academy of Politics and other agencies are working hand in hand to carry out the Prime Minister’s Decision on making the human rights content as part of the education programme of the national education system.

Associate Professor, Doctor Tuong Duy Kien, Head of the Institute of Human Rights said, “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights teaches the next generations to be responsible for cooperation with each other to prevent violence and eliminate war because they are the biggest human right violators.

Leaders of countries should remember that any ignorance or trampling upon human rights or fundamental right to freedom will hurt the conscience as stated in opening remark of the declaration.”

In Vietnam, principles and values relating to human rights, freedom and democracy have been prescribed in the Constitution in 1946, he added.

Participants also debated ethical, political and legal backgrounds for the respect, protection and promotion of human rights, cultural diversity in UDHR, and others.