Traffic safety committee sets up Facebook page to welcome feedback

Traffic authorities in Vietnam have encouraged a social media frenzy as the National Traffic Safety Committee has announced that the public can now access their official Facebook page for reports and feedback.

The page can be reached at, says Nguyen Trong Thai, chief of office at the National Traffic Safety Committee.

Facebook is an online social networking service which had 30 million monthly active users in Vietnam as of last year, making Vietnam one of its fastest-growing markets in Southeast Asia.

The page, says Thai, has been live for one year and has received many constructive ideas from users, as well as positive feedback from the community, media, and specialists working in the field.

traffic safety committee sets up facebook page to welcome feedback hinh 0
A screenshot of the National Traffic Safety Committee’s Facebook page, taken February 22, 2016

Earlier, Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Transport had scheduled the launch of its own Facebook page in March to hear its citizens’ voice in light of the increasing popularity of the social media network in the Southeast Asian country.

The Facebook page of the National Traffic Safety Committee is aimed to be a medium of communication with the people where their proposals and suggestions on matters such as road accidents and traffic congestion are heard to help create a more cultured traffic environment on a national level.

Updates on directive documents on traffic safety by the government, or new regulations and policies, will also be posted on the committee’s Facebook page.

“We hope to engage the public in the battle to reduce traffic accidents and maintain order on the road as well as raise public awareness of a traffic safety culture in Vietnam,” Thai says.


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