Three prosecuted for organising illegal entry

VOV.VN -Police in An Giang province said on July 20 they have detained and prosecuted three people for assisting citizens in illegally entering Vietnam from Cambodia and vice versa.

three prosecuted for organising illegal entry  hinh 0
The trio at the police station 
The trio include 55-year-old Nguyen Van Khai of An Giang province, 34-year-old Do Van Quen of Dong Thap province, and 36-year-old Vann Nath of Kandal province in Cambodia.

The results of the investigation indicate that early June saw Khai and Quen work alongside two people in Cambodia, known as Nam and Phuong, to illegally facilitate the transport of people between Vietnam and Cambodia. At a later date, Quen decided to invite Nath to join the ring and participate in their criminal activities.

Both Nam and Phuong were responsible for organising logistics, contacting other members of their group to confirm various times, locations, and the number of people seeking to cross the border. Meanwhile, Khai was in charge of contacting clients and arranging their passage.

In an attempt to avoid detection from the police, the ring largely operated at night and frequently changed the location of their operations.

Each person seeking to illegally cross the border had to pay a fee of between VND250,000 and VND300,000 to the ring.

The group were eventually busted on June 18 when they were caught red-handed attempting to illegally smuggle people across the border to enter Cambodia.


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