Seminar reviews October Revolution’s significance to socialism

A seminar, themed “Great October: achievements, lessons and looking towards the future”, took place in Moscow on October 31 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution of Russia.

seminar reviews october revolution’s significance to socialism hinh 0
Speaking at the event, President of the Ruso socialism council Ivan Nikitchuk underscored the significance of the October Revolution to socialism, national liberation and global workers’ movements, adding that the Soviet Union successfully built the first socialism in the world which put an end to slavery. The State founded by V.I. Lenin defeated fascism and militarism, saving human race from genocide regime. 

First Secretary of the Political Office of the Vietnamese Embassy in Russia Le Thi Thanh Ly highlighted historic significance of the October Revolution to Vietnam, saying that Vietnam’s road to socialism has been ever bright.

From being under embargo, Vietnam has normalised and established diplomatic ties with 178 countries and leading international organisations, diversified ties with foreign partners in the spirit of being a friend and trustworthy partner. The country also actively joins regional and global cooperation process, she said. 

Talking to Vietnam News Agency correspondents, Vice President of the Communist Party of Russia Dmitry Novikov lauded the prospects of socialism and thanked Vietnam and its Communist Party for consistently following socialism thoughts.

The event attracted Marxism scientists from Russia, Vietnam, Venezuela, Ukraine and Argentina.

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