RoK instant noodles recalled

(VOV) - The Department of Food and Safety under the Ministry of Health has announced its decision to recall two noodle products made by the Republic of Korea’s company.

Previously, the Department received a diplomatic note from the RoK embassy in Vietnam, announcing the voluntary recall of Neoguri (Hot) and Neoguri (Mild) noodles, which are produced by Nongshim Company Ltd,  for being contaminated with benzopyrene, a probable cancer-causing agent in humans.

The Department also asked the Hanoi and HCM Municipal Sub-departments of Food and Safety supervise the recall of such products and report to the authorities.

The RoK has yet to set a permitted level of benzoperene used in instant noodles and spices.

However, the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) has asked the company to strengthen supervision on the use of raw materials to produce spices.

The KFDA has also asked Nongshim Company voluntarily recall its products.