Rights of persons with disabilities ensured

VOV.VN - Vietnam has nearly 8 million persons with disabilities, 7.8% of the population. Many incentive policies have been in place to ensure their rights and help them integrate into the community.

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Incentives are in place to generate jobs for the disabled 
Generating jobs for the disabled

Only one third of Vietnamese persons with disabilities of working age are able to work. Vietnam has created several programs and policies to ensure social security, provide vocational training, and generate jobs for them. The Labor Code and the Law on the Disabled have been implemented at the grassroots level.

To Duc, Deputy Director of the Social Protection Department of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, said “People with disabilities have the right to have a job. It is stipulated in the law and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which Vietnam ratified recently. These legal frameworks give the disabled access to jobs and vocational training. We will help them start businesses to generate income and improve their lives.”

Many localities have set up Funds for Job Generation for the Disabled. More than 16,000 disabled people are working in companies and factories.

Providing health care services for the disabled

100% of Vietnam’s poor, disabled people have been given with health insurance cards. Many disabled people, especially in remote areas, have received physical rehabilitation, wheel chairs, hearing aids, and prosthetic limbs.  

Mr. To Duc said “We have a network of hospitals, clinics and physical rehab centers nationwide. We need to develop a national rehab program and more incentives for the disabled and persuade enterprises and the public to participate in this effort.”

By 2020 Vietnam hopes to give 90% of disabled persons with health care services, and give 70,000 children with disabilities physical rehab services and remedial surgeries. Vietnam hopes that all disabled people who are able and willing to work will get a job.


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