Quang Tri unearths 240-kg bomb

Sappers in the central province of Quang Tri founded a 240-kg bomb on April 19, when working on a project to expand the Lao Bao international border gate in Huong Hoa district.

Lying 6 metres under the ground, the weapon is 1.6 metres long and contains approximately 80 kg of explosives.

The low-drag general-purpose MK 82 bomb was said to be made and dropped in Lao Bao by the American army during wartime. 
quang tri unearths 240-kg bomb hinh 0
It has been transported to an area designated for the detonation of explosive devices found in the locality.

Since February, the sappers have unearthed five bombs with a total weight of nearly one tonne on the site of the Lao Bao border gate expansion project.

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