Photographers help poor Vietnamese students stay in school

Two young men in California are running a free photo service to raise money for students in poor communities in Vietnam.

photographers help poor vietnamese students stay in school hinh 0
Thuyet Nguyen and Sonny Bui, alumni of the University of California, Los Angeles, founded the site Fotohearts last May to provide free graduation photos to UCLA students in return for donations.
A post on the university's news website Daily Bruin said Nguyen and Bui met in 2012 and found that they shared the same passion and love for photography and their Vietnamese heritage.
“As passionate photographers, we believe we can do wonderful things behind the camera and help the community along the way,” said a statement on the group’s website.

Nguyen said he came up with the idea of combining photography and philanthropy after two trips to Vietnam in 2010 and 2013.

He said he noticed children in rural areas did not have enough school supplies and many of them dropped out.
According Fotohearts Facebook page, the group is also receiving applications from students in central Vietnam to provide scholarships to.
They will continue to provide free graduation photos next year and plan to expand the project to other campuses in the United States.