Nguyen The Quynh wins gold again at International Physics Olympiad

VOV.VN - Vietnamese students won 4 gold and 1 silver medal at the 48th International Physics Olympiad this year. Nguyen The Quynh, a 12th grader from Vo Nguyen Giap Gifted High School in Quang Binh province won a gold medal for the second time.

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Nguyen The Quynh wins gold again at International Physics Olympiad. 
Nguyen The Quynh was born into a disadvantaged family. His father died when he was very young, and his mother had to work hard to raise Quynh and his brother. 
Realizing his mother’s hardship, Quynh was determined to study. Admitted to both Advanced Mathematics and Physics classes at Vo Nguyen Giap Gifted High School, Quynh decided he would study physics with the aim of becoming a scientist. 
He did a lot of self-directed study, took part in competitions, and won several prizes. 
Quynh’s mother, Tran Thi Vi Hanh, said “Despite financial difficulties, I did my best to support my sons’ study. Quynh is self-reliant and proactive in his study”.

When asked about his study habits, Quynh said they were no different from those of his friends. He just studies what he likes, sets a reasonable schedule, and does not put too much pressure on himself. He said it’s important to understand thoroughly whatever you are studying. 

“I listen attentively to teachers in class. At home, I focus on what I am most interested in, and I think that’s more effective. My mother told me that the only way to develop is education. So, I try to study hard to reach my goals”, said Quynh.

After winning his second gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad, Quynh said he plans to take the entrance exam for the Gifted Physics Program of the University of Science. After graduation, he intends to study physics in the US. 

“I want to study physics at a university in the US. I’m preparing for the English tests. I’m interested in many topics but plan to do something related to physics or chemistry in the future”, said Quynh.


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