May meteor shower set to light up night sky

(VOV) - One of 2014’s best meteor showers, with radiants reaching a zenithal hourly rate or ZHR of 1,000 per hour makes its appearance over the skies of Vietnam on May 24.

Nguyen Duc Phuong, an official from Hanoi National University, said the eye of the celestial display will be at Camelopardalis star in the northern sky, according to astronomical calculation.

Although the strength of the display will be on a par with any over the past decade, it won’t affect the earth.

may meteor shower set to light up night sky hinh 0

Predictions call for the phenomenon to occur as the Earth passes through a debris stream left by the Comet 209P/LINEAR nearly 200 years ago.

The ideal place to observe the event is North America and Canada from 1 to 4 am on May 24.

Observers in Vietnam are advised to select a location with a large clear vision of the sky away from street lights or industrial parks.