Hanoi police ordered to ensure traffic safety during Tet

President Tran Dai Quang has told traffic police of Hanoi to ensure traffic order and safety during the week-long Lunar New Year (Tet) holiday.

hanoi police ordered to ensure traffic safety during tet hinh 0

He delivered Tet greetings to the capital’s division of road and railway traffic police during a pre-Tet visit on January 26 (or the 29th of the last month of the lunar year).

He recognised their achievements, attributing the smooth and safe traffic situation in Hanoi to the local police’s efforts.

It is not easy to address traffic congestion, even in many developed countries, he said, considering the prevention and settlement of traffic jam a task that helps ensure national security. Hanoi’s traffic police need to expeditiously minimise congestion, otherwise the local socio-economic development will be affected.

President Quang asked the police to closely coordinate with other agencies, sectors and localities to ensure traffic safety. They should step up patrol, dissemination of traffic rules, promotion of the staff’s capacity, and application of science-technology in their work.

At the meeting, Hanoi’s traffic police reported they took different measures to keep traffic order and safety last year, thus gaining certain encouraging outcomes such as less congestion and a decline in the number of accidents, deaths and injuries.

In 2017, they will work harder to proactively grasp the situation and propose measures to promptly deal with traffic problems, send officers to control traffic at 361 hotspots across the city, and better the settlement of traffic rule violations recorded by cameras.

During Tet, they are going to enhance crackdowns on smuggling, counterfeiting, firecracker and unsafe food trafficking, and street racing, the police added.


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