Hailstorms wreak havoc in central Vietnam

VOV.VN - Hundreds of houses have been severely damaged after hailstorms and whirlwinds struck the central province of Nghe An on the afternoon of April 21.

hailstorms wreak havoc in central vietnam  hinh 0
Many of the egg-sized hails hit cenrtal Nghe An province on April 21 
Whirlwinds lasting 15 minutes bartered Luong Minh commune, uprooting many big trees and ripping roofs off, according to Vi Dinh Phuc, head of the commune’s administration.

Meanwhile, egg-sized hails shattered windows of several car on the road and punched holes in the roofs of hundreds of houses in the locality.

“Houses which are covered with old fibre-cement sheets or old tiles were all severely damaged and they could not be repaired. Fortunately, no one was injured during the disaster,” said Phuc.

hailstorms wreak havoc in central vietnam  hinh 1
Many roofs were severely damaged by hailstones
He cited preliminary reports saying hundreds of houses had roofs damaged, while subsidiary crops were also destroyed. Seventeen houses completely collapsed, forcing owners to move to their relatives’ to stay overnight.

This is the first time such big sized hails have been recorded in the locality, said Phuc.

The same day, hailstones also struck several other communes in Tuong Duong and Ky Son districts of Nghe An province, causing huge property losses to local people.