Forest fire in Ca Mau at alarming level

(VOV) -There is an imminent risk that the entire U Minh Ha indigo forest may erupt in flames, said southernmost Ca Mau province’s Agriculture and Rural Development Department Director Le Van Su.

About 12,000 ha of the indigo forest are facing severe drought, raising the  level of alert  to 4 for forest fires.

Nearly 3,000ha of nearby national forests are also suffering from a similar situation, Su reported.

forest fire in ca mau at alarming level hinh 0

More than 500ha forest in Hon Khoai Island in Ca Mau is likely to catch fire soon if the prolonged drought is not eased.

Once a fire forest breaks out,, the whole forest area of nearly 3,000 primary forest area could be destroyed as Hon Khoai Island is located about 35km from the mainland, Su concluded.

Local authorities are closely coordinating with border guards and relevant agencies to intensify fire preventative measures on Hon Khoai Island.

Rescue forces are also mobilising to cope with forest fires, should they occur, while hundreds of forest rangers are on standby round the clock to timely respond.