Five districts in Thanh Hoa declare free from African swine fever

VOV.VN - Five districts in the north-central province of Thanh Hoa have declared free from African swine fever, according to the provincial Animal Health and Husbandry sub-department.

five districts in thanh hoa declare free from african swine fever hinh 0
The African swine fever (ASF) epidemic was initially discovered in Thanh Hoa in late February. Since first being discovered, ASF outbreaks have been detected in over 7,500 pig farming households across 27 districts and towns throughout the province, leading to more than 70,000 pigs being culled.

Currently, five of the province’s districts have declared free from the epidemic. The districts include Thuong Xuan, Muong Lat, Ngoc Lac, Quan Hoa, and Bim Son, which have a combined total of 216 communes between them.

As of August 25, 854 hamlets and 177 communes in 22 districts have yet to pass the 30-day period of no fresh cases.

A representative from the provincial Animal Health and Husbandry sub-department said that although several localities in the province have declared free the epidemic, outbreaks of ASF have been known to recur in some communes.

The local agricultural sector, authorities, and breeders have been urged to take drastic action and apply bio-safety measures during breeding activities.


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