Drastic measures to cope with rains, floods

VOV.VN - The standing office of the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control has issued an urgent telegram to relevant ministries and media agencies regarding the need to take drastic measures in order to cope with heavy rain and flash floods in the central highlands provinces.

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According to the telegram, the steering committees for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and Search and Rescue in localities across the central highlands, relevant ministries and media agencies have been requested to closely monitor developments of heavy rain and potential flooding.

Furthermore, they are being asked to inform local authorities and residents in a timely manner about preventive measures that need to be taken to deal with the effects of adverse weather conditions.

Localities have been urged to lead the implementation of measures in a bid to ensure the safety of residents in flood hit or isolated areas. This includes evacuating residents in high-risk areas to safe shelters, preparing plans to ensure the running of transport, electricity, and communications networks, in addition to tackling possible scenarios of flash floods and landslides.

Local rescue teams operating in flooded and isolated areas should be ready to respond to emergencies while the water discharge plans of hydropower reservoirs at border areas should be informed as early as possible.

Vietnam Television (VTV), the Voice of Vietnam (VOV), central, and local media agencies have been asked to increasingly spread information regarding the development of rain and floods, as well as the discharge of floodwater so that residents and local authorities at a grassroots levels are able to take preventive measures. 

With regard to recovery efforts, on August 7, the Ministry of National Defence continued its deployment of 1,599 officials and soldiers, as well as 48 vehicles to aid residents in the districts of Quan Son and Muong Lat in Thanh Hoa province.

This was done in a bid to help areas deal with the consequences of flashfloods and landslides caused by typhoon Wipha.

Most notably, floating bridges were installed across Luong river in order to facilitate flood-relief work and aid residents in the hamlets of Sa Na and Na Meo in Quan Son district.

Rescue force in Gia Lai province also mobilized a total of 293 officials, soldiers, and two vehicles in order to help residents overcome the consequences of severe flooding.

A number of households, along with their belongings, in Chu Prong district of Gia Lai province and Buon Bon district of Dak Lak province have been evacuated.

According to National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, heavy rains are predicted to resume in provinces throughout the central highlands with rainfall expected to reach between 40-88m in 24 hours.


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