Dengue fever emergency declared in northern Vietnam

VOV.VN - The Ha Nam Province People’s Committee declared a state of emergency on Thursday, August 3, to deal with a growing outbreak of dengue fever, spread by infected mosquitoes, with 100 cases confirmed year-to-date.

dengue fever emergency declared in northern vietnam hinh 0
As a result of the order, people in the northern Red River Delta province will be instructed to clean up areas that are known to be breeding spots for mosquitos such as debris piles and remove it to landfills.

Tires that are left lying around, in particular, are a known breeding spot for mosquitoes and should be sprayed with chemicals to destroy mosquitos and larvae.

New cases of dengue infection are now being reported at more than 10 cases per day, making it one of the largest outbreaks in the history of the province, said committee spokespersons.

Dengue fever causes flu-like symptoms and can develop into the deadly dengue haemorrhagic fever.


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