An Giang police smash two smuggling rings

VOV.VN -Border guards in An Giang province have thwarted two smuggling rings. Forces seized a total of 2,000 packs of cigarettes and 1.5 tonnes of sugar from Cambodia.

an giang police smash two smuggling rings hinh 0
Police officers seize 2,000 smuggled cigarette packs. (Photo: Cong Mao/TTXVN)
Vinh Nguon border guards noticed suspicious activity from people carrying goods from Cambodia to Vietnam on January 14.

Upon being asked to stop by the police the suspects immediately ran to the Cambodian border area, leaving all their smuggled goods behind.

Police officers seized 2,000 smuggled cigarette packs.

A further investigation is currently taking place.

A day earlier, Long Binh border forces, who were working in collaboration with Khanh Binh Border Gate Customs, were able to confiscate 1.5 tonnes of sugar from a smuggling ring as they moved from Cambodia to Vietnam on January 13.

Initially the police spotted a suspicious wooden boat carrying a huge number of white bags and travelling from Cambodia to Vietnam at a high speed.

After docking on the Binh Di River, all the suspects fled the scene upon noticing the police.

Police officers kept the items including the boat and 30 packs of sugar (50 kg per pack).

The case is still under investigation.


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