243 pregnant women tested for COVID-19 in Quang Nam province

VOV.VN - The central province of Quang Nam saw more than 340 Vietnamese citizens who had recently been repatriated from Taiwan (China) tested for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on May 30, with pregnant women making up 243 of the total.

243 pregnant women tested for covid-19 in quang nam province hinh 0
The police camp where more than 300 returnees from Taiwan are being quarantined for medical observation (Photo: TTO)
The group consists entirely of Vietnamese citizens who had been left stranded in Taiwan due to impact of the COVID-19 with a repatriation flight by Vietnam Airlines on May 29 helping them to return safely to the home country.

Nguyen Van Hai, director of the Quang Nam provincial Department of Health, confirmed that the province had received a total of 343 Vietnamese citizens returning from Taiwan in line with instructions issued by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

Upon arrival back in the country at Da Nang International Airport, all returnees were immediately quarantined at a police camp in the province in line with current health regulations.

In order to check the health of those on board the flight, the local health sector has taken samples from every passenger for testing, while also making thorough preparations in a bid to safeguard the health of people at the camp, according to Hai. Indeed, the province has already devised scenarios in the event that any of the pregnant women go into labour.

According to the doctor, any pregnant women who show signs of giving birth are to be swiftly transferred to the medical centre located in Thang Binh district where a fully equipped quarantine camp has already been set up, with experienced obstetricians ready to be deployed in order to deliver the baby.


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