Vietnam’s peace building role acknowledged internationally

VOV.VN - A peaceful, stable, and developing Vietnam is a role model for many other countries to follow, particularly developing countries and those in hot spots like the Middle East and Africa, said foreign diplomats during a recent interview with VOV’s correspondent in Egypt.

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The diplomats praised the steps Vietnam has taken to ensure peace, saying Vietnam plays a growing role in promoting solidarity, peace, and stability within ASEAN and globally.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) Ambassador to Egypt Ma Tong Hui has visited Vietnam three times. Ma said he was impressed with Vietnam’s peacefulness and stability, and has closely followed its development.

He said that Vietnam plays an important role in the international arena. An ASEAN member for many years, Vietnam has affirmed its status internationally, particularly in Southeast Asia. He expressed his hope that all pending issues facing Vietnam including maritime issues will be settled through dialogue and other peaceful means.

Cambodian Ambassador Khuon Phon Rattanak acknowledged Vietnam’s role and contributions to diplomatic missions of ASEAN and Asian countries in Egypt.

According to Mr. Khuon, the Vietnamese Ambassador plans to boost solidarity among the 54 Asian diplomatic missions in Cairo. ASEAN countries together have come a long way. ASEAN is a big family working together to settle major issues facing the organization. ASEAN is a strategic focus of Asia. He said he hoped ASEAN countries will further strengthen solidarity and work closely to settle common issues.

Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister Hany Selim said he is particularly impressed with Vietnam’s peace building efforts and economic development. He said the success of the 1945 August revolution marked a turning point in Vietnam’s history and its development and innovation.

The Deputy Foreign Minister said that amidst regional and global complications and conflicts, Vietnam is a role model for other countries in building peace. He said Egypt has a center for regional conflict settlement which has organized several seminars and training courses in cooperation with the UN peacekeeping mission. Egypt wants to invite Vietnam and other Asian, countries to participate in these events.

Vietnam is one of the best countries to facilitate discussions on peace keeping. Vietnam knows how to secure peace, so it plays an important role in building peace. Egypt hopes to work more closely with Vietnam when it becomes ASEAN Chair in 2020.


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